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Mortgage Services

Tim Belanger is a trusted professional Ottawa mortgage agent committed to finding the right mix of competitive rates and flexible options to meet your needs.

Your home purchase is arguably the most important investment of your life, so you need a trusted partner you can count on to find the mortgage that’s right for you.

Whether you’re purchasing your first home, investing in property, refinancing or renewing your mortgage, Tim will set your mind at ease as he sets you on the correct path.

Backed by the mortgage experts at Invis Canada, Tim has access to over 50 competing lenders, including major banks, credit unions, life insurance companies, trusts and other national and regional lenders.

Life Insurance

A trusted local Ottawa provider, Belanger Financial will tailor a life insurance policy designed specifically to protect your family’s future.

With so much at stake and considering all the options available to you, we know how important it is to cut through the jargon and make sense of your life insurance options.

Whether your needs are term or permanent, Belanger Financial will help you select a product to keep your family financially safe and secure.

We’ll get to know you and take your unique situation into account when recommending the product and amount of coverage that’s right for you.

Health & Dental

The trusted choice for health & dental insurance in Ottawa, Belanger Financial will review your current benefits and work with you to develop a fully customizable health and dental plan.

Our plans are designed to meet all your insurance needs.

Whether you are self-employed or looking for supplemental health and dental insurance, Belanger Financial can offer the right plan for you, your spouse or your family.

We’ll walk you through the many options and products available to you, to help you devise a plan that gives you peace of mind at a cost you can afford.

Disability Insurance & Preparedness

With the growing number of independent Ottawa contractors and consultants, Belanger Financial knows the importance of disability insurance.

Belanger Financial can work with you to develop a plan to financially protect you and your family in the event of injury, critical illness or long-term care.

Disability preparedness is especially important for contractors, tradespersons and freelance business consultants with no other means of supplemental compensation.

At Belanger Financial, we’ll take a personal approach to helping you understand what you need to maintain your current lifestyle.

Specifically, we’ll ensure that you have immediate income replacement to maintain your financial well-being should you be unable to work for any period of time.

Retirement & Savings

A leading provider of investment products in Ottawa, Belanger Financial will develop a retirement and savings strategy tailored specifically to your unique needs and objectives.

Whether your savings goals are short, medium or long-term, our personal, one-on-one treatment will help you make sense of the many options available to you.

Belanger Financial will empower you with the knowledge to help make your retirement dreams a reality.

Our wide variety of services include, but are not limited to:

  • Registered Retirement Savings Plans (RRSPs)
  • Registered Education Savings Plans (RESPs)
  • Registered Retirement Income Funds (RRIFs)
  • Life Income Funds (LIFs)
  • Guaranteed Investment Certificates (GICs)
  • Tax-Free Savings Accounts (TFSAs)
  • Annuities
  • Tax sheltered savings and investments
  • Segregated funds

Debt Consolidation Strategies

Ottawa’s debt consolidation specialists, Belanger Financial will help you get out of debt sooner with a minimal amount of impact on your current lifestyle.

By consolidating your debts into one convenient and manageable monthly payment, we’ll help reduce or eliminate interest, late fees and harassment from creditors.

In many cases, consolidation can reduce payments by up to 50% and result in thousands of dollars saved over the term of your debt.

Even more importantly, Belanger Financial’s debt strategies can immediately increase cash flow. Imagine the possibilities if you could not only pay off your debt, but actually save for your future.

Travel Insurance

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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I consider before settling on a mortgage?

  • First of all, don’t settle. A professional mortgage agent has unique access to competing lenders with different rates and flexible options, so you can customize a mortgage plan that’s right for you. A mortgage professional can also help you map out what you can afford, your downpayment options, closing costs and other factors that are sometimes daunting for new homebuyers.

How can debt consolidation improve my financial situation?

  • Debt consolidation can help lower debt payments and immediately increase cash flow that can be used for savings. Debt consolidation can decrease the amount of interest paid over time, and eliminate harassment from creditors.

What are my options at mortgage renewal time?

  • Renewal time is typically the one time you can renegotiate your amortization and rate with no penalties. While many homeowners are tempted to stick with their current lender, it’s important to weigh your options to ensure you’re getting the mortgage that’s right for you. This is where a mortgage agent, with access to competing lenders, can be a real benefit.

Why should I contribute to an RRSP?

  • Quite simply, there are two major reasons to contribute to an RRSP—to lower the amount of tax you pay now, and to ensure financial security for you and your family after you retire. Consult the sites to the left for more in-depth information on RRSPs.

What are Segregated Funds?

  • Segregated Funds combine the growth potential of mutual funds with the security of insurance. A Segregated Fund essentially constitutes an insurance contract that is subsequently invested into an underlying mutual fund. The return on your Segregated Fund generally corresponds closely to the underlying mutual fund, even though you do not own units of the mutual fund. Segregated Funds include guarantees to protect your money from market volatility.

How does disability insurance work?

  • Disability insurance ensures that you will have a monthly income even if an injury or disability prevents you from working.

Why do I need disability insurance?

  • Disability insurance protection ensures the security of you and your family by guaranteeing the income needed to pay for ongoing costs and to remain financially stable during the term of your disability.

Should I opt for mortgage life insurance when buying a new home?

  • While the decision to purchase a specific type of life insurance is a personal one, it is generally accepted that it is harder to find the best value in mortgage life insurance.

    These policies are generally high in cost, and become more costly with time—premiums generally stay level, but the death benefit is reduced on the same schedule as the debt reduces.

    In addition, while your mortgage will be paid off, mortgage life insurance does little to help your family’s ongoing income needs. Consult a qualified life insurance broker for more information on mortgage life insurance.

How can my mortgage help with debt refinancing?

  • Your high-interest credit card debt can often be rolled into your mortgage to boost your cash flow, save thousands in interest and start saving for your future. You can also consolidate debt into one easy payment, reducing stress and helping you become debt- and mortgage-free even quicker.

What is debt consolidation?

  • Debt consolidation is a technique often used to better manage debt problems. Instead of paying off several separate bills each month, the debt is consolidated into one lower monthly payment extending over a period of time.

What’s the difference between unsecured and secured debt?

  • Secured debt includes debt for which a creditor does hold collateral, such as home mortgages, car loans and income tax.

When should I start financial planning for my future?

  • As soon as possible. Often times, investors do not maximize their savings potential and retirement contributions. By adopting a “pay yourself first” philosophy, making monthly contributions and leveraging the growth potential of compound interest, you can ensure you will be able to maintain your lifestyle when you retire.

Why do I need life insurance?

  • Life insurance can ensure the financial protection and security of your loved ones into the future. The need for life insurance often becomes more acute as your responsibilities increase (after marriage, purchasing a home, having children, retirement, etc.)

    You can also use life insurance during your lifetime, for things such as cash withdrawals, loan collateral, retirement income and tuition costs. Perhaps most importantly, life insurance offers the peace of mind that your family will be taken care of.

How much life insurance do I need?

  • The decision to buy life insurance, and the amount you require, depends on your responsibilities and your future financial needs. Based on your stage in life and the lifestyle you want to maintain for your loved ones, an insurance specialist can help you determine the appropriate amount of life insurance.

What’s the difference between term and permanent life insurance?

  • The main difference is that term life insurance has an end date, whereas permanent life insurance provides coverage for life.

    Term life insurance is generally lower in cost, as it provides a death benefit for a set period of time and builds no cash value.

    Permanent life insurance offers both protection and cash value. Part of the premium goes towards the death benefit, while the rest goes into savings.

Possible Risks

  • Market risk, or “principal risk” is the chance that a downturn (or a bad investment) chews up your money. It’s there for both stocks and bonds — when interest rates rise, bondholders will see the market value of their paper shrink — and for most people it’s the big bugaboo.
  • Inflation or purchasing-power risk for most people is the “risk of avoiding risk” — the opposite end of the spectrum from market risk — the possibility that you are too conservative and your money can’t grow fast enough to keep pace with inflation.

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